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Ekonomi Politik

Antropology Misi


Organization Development

Pelayanan Desa & Kota

Agama Suku


Anthropology & Hamartology

Link Baru

Untuk Pengantar Politik 2020 masuk Komunikasi 

Untuk Eksposisi masuk ke Anthropology & Hamartology

Untuk Teo.PI ke Kontekstual

Untuk Missiologi masuk ke Anthropology  Misi

  Hidup Yesus 302 dan303 masuk ke Anthropology Misi


On the left is a link to my course, please get the link you need, the material is available in office DOC files, power point files or pdf files, you only need a password to open it, please email, sms or call me for a password ... enjoy..

it is not enough to have a good mind, the main thing is to use it well. 
– Rene Descartes 






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